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Dear AWTB Alumni, AWTB parent of Alumni, Sponsor
Alameda World Tournament Baseball has become an Alameda institution.  Having participated in World Tournament Baseball for 30 years, sending hundreds of ballplayers from Alameda to foreign countries to play friendship games, it is a life changing experience for these young men.  In many cases the opportunity to participate in this tournament may be the only chance they have to travel to a foreign country. 
We are hoping to form an AWTB Alumni Association. The funds that we raise will be used strictly for scholarships (if needed) and when we host the World Tournament in Alameda in the near future. As you may remember, raising thousands of dollars to go on a baseball trip was very challenging years ago and even more difficult now. This year the AWTB is going to Fukuoka, Japan for the 30th World Tournament. The cost for each player is over 3,000 dollars. Some players may not be able to raise the money through the sales of the raffle tickets, so we are hoping that with your help we can assist them if needed. Here’s how you can help:

 $500  Grand Slam                                   $200  Home Run
 AWTB Travel Shirt                                     2010 AWTB Players Cap
 2010 AWTB Players Cap                           Name on back of Alumni Shirt
 Name of back of Alumni Shirt                    Name in Players Travel Book
 Name in Players Travel Book                    Name on AWTB Website
Name on AWTB Website
 Hole Sponsor for AWTB Golf Tournament
$100  Triple                                              $50 Double
Name on back of Alumni Shirt                     Name in Players Travel Book 
Name in Players Travel Book                      Name on AWTB Website
Name on AWTB Website
                                                 $25  Single
                                                 Name on AWTB Website

The experience of participating in a program such as Alameda World Tournament is an opportunity for young people to get to know and appreciate other cultures and make in some cases, lifelong friendships. I am sure your experience in AWTB was a positive one. I hope you choose to participate. We thank you in advance for your consideration.
Also, we are planning on having an Alameda World Tournament Baseball Alumni Game and Golf Tournament this summer.   
Please be sure to check out our website at: www.alamedaworldbaseball.com
Tim Marr, President
Alameda World Tournament Baseball
David Bail, Director Alumni Association


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